Misty mornings make for great photos

Whilst I was lying in bed in the early hours of Saturday morning, it occurred to me, as these things do, that we didn’t actually need to do the shopping on Saturday when it was forecast to be sunny all day.  We could actually do the shopping when it was due to rain on Sunday and make the most of the good weather on Saturday to get into the garden and get the fence around the veg plot, plus some more plants planted in the raised beds.  I had cauliflower, onions, beetroot, spinach, beans, peas and more to get planted and needed to protect them from the chooks and probably more likely to protect from the possum!

So getting up at 6:30am, I snook out of bed to be confronted by mist.  That wasn’t in the forecast, but it was starting to burn off and was looking really good.  Time to find the camera and get out whilst Stuart slept.  It looked like it was a day for the big camera, only the big camera refused to work when I grabbed it – change battery, it said.  Ahhhh,  the other battery did nothing whatsoever.  So I grabbed the little camera which I was sure needed a new battery in it, but it didn’t complain… well until I had taken 2 shots and it had realised how cold it was outside!

Some of the flowers I found along the way.

(Hover over the picture, or click on it for details.)

Some of the scenery I went out to photo.  These are all from a small creek that I don’t think has a name, which runs not far from our home – maybe 100-200 meters (300-600 feet) away.

img_5518_h600 img_5524_h600 img_5539_2 img_5541_2 img_5542_2 img_5553_2 img_5548_800 img_5550_800 img_5557_800 img_5529_800

I may have another calendar image in there somewhere!

And a final reminder that spiders do still live in the area, despite not having actually seen many at all…


At least, I presume it is a spider making all of that!

2 thoughts on “Misty mornings make for great photos”

  1. The pics together…maybe number them ???
    5th reminds me of an English one that’s a flycatcher…Sun something I think
    Used to see it @ Hallin Bank

    1. It is a sundew of some form. Apparently there are over 40 sub-species in Australia so it could take me a while to work out exactly which one it is, but I have decided that the one I thought it could be, it is probably not because of where it is usually found (SW Australia, not SE Australia).

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