Our Chooks

I have finally managed to get a photo of our 2 chooks.  Hopefully they will soon be joined by 3 rescue chooks that only lay very occasionally, if not at all.

"Harriett Houdini" the other one of our two chooks.
“Harriett Houdini” one of our two chooks.

Harriet Houdini is named so because of her immediate escape ability after her she escaped the very first day she was here.  She appears at first sight to be an Australorp (which is an Australian breed) but they lay brown eggs and she lays blue eggs.  She also does not lay eggs everyday.  She currently lays 2 days on, 1 day off…  She is the top chook.  I suspect that she may be an Araucana crossed with an Australorp which would lay blue eggs.

"Jealous Jane" one of our chooks.
“Jealous Jane” the other one of our chooks.

Jealous Jane is so named because it took her the best part of 2 weeks to work out that she could escape from the outer chook run (which isn’t a problem unless it is into the veg plot that is), and 2 weeks to actually be able to fly high enough.  Her wing muscles needed strengthening first!  Jealous Jane initially looks like a White Leghorn which is what we were told she was, but again they lay white eggs and JJ lays brown eggs…  I suspect she is actually a White Plymouth Rock which lays smaller brown eggs just as JJ does.