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Starting afresh

I thought that I would change the style of this blog and try to do it as a weekly ‘postcard’ home concept because it was getting too much for me with everything else that was going on.

So a new start in a new home. For those who don’t know we had to move house rather suddenly. We found out on a Thursday night by email that the house we were renting was going up for sale. We started looking for a new place to rent immediately because although we could risk staying put and hoping that the new owners wanted tenants, we also had the chickens to think about and moving home with chickens in tow is not that easy. Luckily the type of place we look for, chickens are not usually a problem, but we have a larger flock currently (in human numbers rather than using chicken numbers we have 36 currently) after being given 4 chickens instead of the 1 we were due to collect. That’s another long story but in short in bought 3 from a lady. 1 was a problem and constantly attacking the other 2 so when the lady came to collect or rooster (HP had been rehomed to a stud farm!) she took the problem chook back the moment she saw the issue. Anyhow when we went over a few weeks later to collect the extra 1, having seen or setup and everything else she gave me 4 instead of the 1 we were expecting. All 6 had previously lived together (without the problem girl) so knew each other well.

Anyhow back to finding a new home for us… We just missed out a nice property on top of a hill with loads of land, and instead decided to go around one that was slightly over our budget. Often with rural properties there are only one or two people looking at them and you have to apply to be tenants, with the agent vetting you and the landlord/lady getting to decide etc. But the key thing is that you can submit a bid and offer more or less than the rent they want, so if you ate the only one applying… Anyhow whilst the house was nice, it wasn’t us. But we bumped into our old agent who was working with another company now. And she knew of a property that was empty, not yet ready to be advertised but met our requirements and with a little negotiation, we could have access to more land. She took us around it 2 hours later and whilst it wasn’t love at first site, it was a case of it ticked all the boxes… We moved in 3 weeks later.

So our new view, whilst I eat my lunch isn’t quite what we had, the house is more modern, the veranda concrete and metal, not wood but if I trim a couple of bushes, I’ll have a view when sitting down…

The frog was a surprise element. He lives in the toilet cistern and when disturbed jumps into the toilet and swims off. He’s a Southern Brown Tree Frog obviously. He invariably turns up again in the toilet cistern… I guess there must be food there somewhere but I’ll leave that to him.

This was the sunrise s few mornings ago when it was misty. Again straight off the veranda and also the view from our bedroom window.

And this the view from either the veg plot (to be recreated. The remains are there but that’s all) or the smallest bedroom window. A room we have converted to a walk in wardrobe for the time being! Stuart wanted one.

And so I’ll end it there for today. I have some weeding to get on with. The garden, as with all rentals we have lived in, is much neglected.

Holidays (Part 3)

Friday came and we decided we had to make a day of it.  It was a nice day out, blue skies and warm, so we decided to go and visit the observatory.

In the morning we went off to the Mount Stromlo Observatory just outside of Canberra.   It was badly affected by the bush fires back in 2003 but they have renovated some of the place and left other areas as it was but made safe, as a memorial to the old observatory.  They have also changed what the site is now about because Canberra has become too large and has too much light pollution for it to be a working observatory anymore.

The views from the summit were stunning because the weather was so very good.  There are multiple buildings and telescopes on the summit, so there is plenty of opportunity to walk around and have a good look all around at the views and the telescopes.

Most of the place the photos talk for it.

On a hill with a good view on a good day
From the car park it does not look that interesting!
Sometimes you just can’t get a wheelchair to the view
Off-roading is something I will leave to Stuart’s feet for the moment!
These signs are all around a walkway around the top of the hill. They provide a wealth of information about the place.


No 2. Eyes on the Skies


No 3 An Observatory is Born


No 4 The Future of Mount Stromlo Observatory (after the fires of 2003 devastated the observatory)



No 5 The Director’s Residence


No 6 A Home on the Hill


No 7 The Other Lives of Mount Stromlo


The home of the director


Stuart took this picture because we were not able to get the wheelchair to quite a few locations and this was one of them.  It is a map of the Moon.
Another good view!


Stuart spotted this signpost as we were leaving the summit of Mount Stromlo. He decided that this means “Warning The cyclist in front has broken wind”…. I can’t take him anywhere!

Leaving Mouth Stromlo Observatory we still had several hours to spare so decided to visit the NASA Deep Space Communication Complex that wasn’t that much further down the road.

The drive there was a typical uneven road but with stunning scenery (on a good day which we had).  As you approached the area, we started to feel like we were either on Dartmoor or on the Yorkshire Moors.  It is hard not to compare places to areas you know!

The top of the hill in front looks like a tor to us


Our first port of call, as always was the Café.  In this case the Moon Rock Café.  David would much appreciate it because there was a dedicated area for cleaning of motorcycle helmets!

A dedicated motorcycle helmet visor cleaning area

Stuart also had a long conversation with the café owners about Dr Brian Cox, a musician (in a band called D’Ream & Dare), Physicist and Professor of Particle Physics & now a TV & Radio presenter from Oldham.  He was at the DSCC presenting a program about the Life of the Universe.  There was a signed photo on the wall with a message about the chips at the café being very good…

Information on the Space Patches


I love this Dreamtime. It is absolutely huge and completely fascinating with so much information about the sky and stars in it.


Looking around the site was actually really fascinating and we managed to spend the entire afternoon there and I know that I didn’t get chance to look around everything and would like to go back.

Oh and Mum, Stuart’s birthday card still hasn’t arrived.  What address did you put on it?