Spring has Sprung

But don’t be fooled. We’re still getting frosts but we’re also getting 20-30°C daytime temperatures! It’s that difficult time of year when you haven’t a clue about what to wear. You need almost everything within the space of a few hours and to top it off you need your sun hat and your sunscreen as well.

A little while ago now, we managed to get out to the first few days of the Canberra Floriade. Sadly neither if us where overly impressed with the displays but some of that was to do with the fact that the tulips that the display was really relying on, were not actually even in bud yet and were it not for the fact that everything was under planted with winter pansies, there would not have been much to see at all.

We soon left, sadly. We decided to leave the Hidden Valley Tulip farm for another day.

Otherwise not much had been happening. I’ve got a bad shoulder at the moment, I didn’t do anything to it, it just flared up. An ultrasound has shown that there’s a problem with the bursa in one of the rotor cuff muscles and it has to be rested.

I’ll cover our garden in tbe next brief ‘postcard’ home.