Merry Christmas 2018

So it seems that most of November and all of December have escaped me again.

Well the truth is I had another major health scare and between that, the additional medical appointments and rehab twice a week, I’ve not had much time for anything other than chickens. We currently have 5 chickens that are broody. Two of them are repeat offenders, one of them not even having the decency to finish raising her first set of chicks before trying to pinch eggs from another broody. After many fights and upsets, we have given her 4 standard sized eggs to sit on and sit on them is all she has done since then. Her chicks are on their own and are not happy about it.

The health scare is something we can cope with but complicates life substantially. I’ve been diagnosed with 3 pulmonary emboli, taking out over half my lung capacity. I refused hospitalisation, instead agreeing to see my doctor weekly (or fortnightly as she decides). I’m able to do the required injections myself twice a day. Though I do feel like a pin cushion right now. The meds are helping thankfully and I do feel and look a lot better but there’s still a long way to go.

I had written several posts that I just never published. Once I’ve updated them, I’ll publish them.

And so with that we wish you Merry Christmas for 2018.

Our tree finally up and decorated.

The star is looking a little lost this year!
The Australian themed Christmas Stockings are up on the new fireplace.
This Year’s Christmas bauble.
Last Year’s Christmas Bauble. You can just make out the 2017 tag at the very top. Not quite what we had planned but it was all we could come up with.
And the first year we were in Australia.