The New Chooks and yet more rain

So I thought I would introduce you to the new chooks…

They are to be called Charmaine, Vickie and Jennie after the 3 receptionists at the Warrington office of Stuart’s work.  Don’t ask when they will murder him but it is probably on the cards.  The new very large black on is a pure Black Araucana and the other 2 are pure Rhode Island Reds.


The newbie Charmaine is around 2.5kg or +5lb and around 6 years old.  Once settled she will return to laying eggs but is a touch unsettled about the change at present.   I’m not certain which of the 2 Red’s (both 3 years old) will end up being Vickie or Jennie.  Stuart needs to assess their characters this weekend (a bank holiday again, so another 4 day work week next week for Stuart).


Our original 2, Harriet Houdini (19 months) and Jealous Jane (5 months) or HH and JJ and they have become known.


Now, exactly who told me that it was warm and dry in Australia?

 img_5750 img_5758

Daylight Saving

Daylight saving starts here on Sunday 2nd October at 2am.  What does that mean for contacting the family and friends in the UK?  Well at present we are 9 hours ahead of the UK.  As of this Sunday, we will be 10 hours ahead for 4 weeks, until the UK returns to GMT, at which point we become 11 hours ahead.  Confused?  You will be because not all of Australia actually follows it, but we live and Stuart works in 2 of the states that do, so from this weekend onwards, when you contact us at 10am on a Sunday morning, it will actually be 8pm Sunday night here, not the 7pm it has been since we arrived!