Another week, and some more sunrises

It has been another busy week last week despite Stuart being away in Sydney on work. I managed to get a reasonable number of boxes unpacked, a few bits of IKEA jigsaw puzzles complete and a reasonable amount of work done on the chicken coop. It needed quite a lot doing to it and we ended up working on it on both Saturday and Sunday just gone as well. There was stuff I needed Stuart’s help for because a piece of corrugated metal that needed cutting in half was simply too heavy for me to move to the garage where the angle grinder was.

It was also a week of nice sunrises, cold nights and amazingly clear nights which meant e could see the stars really well. The Milky Way is wonderfully clear from here. Friday also saw a change in weather bringing much needed rain (5mm).

A misty Lake George
Sunrise this morning, from the veranda

A few morning sunrises and a sunset.

A beautiful foggy start to the day
It is just possible to see the misty in the valley below
A sunrise on one of our first mornings here

An amazing sky a few days ago

The work on the chook house will no doubt continue for a while yet as modifications are made to the design. It’s a lot smaller than they and we are used to so I have decided that I’ll put the other chook house up there as well means I need to get it repaired sooner you than later. I’ll add photos of the before and after next time around.