The 1st March saw the start of autumn and with it came a very definite change in some of the trees. Their leaves are yellowing, turning brown and coming off in the slightest breeze. Yet the temperature and weather hasn’t worked out that autumn is here and most days have been above 30°C and several above 37°C. To say it’s still hot is an understatement. Nights have remained difficult. The only noticeable difference had been that dusk is falling earlier and earlier. Not so long ago the chooks were going to first around 9pm. Now they are looking to roost around 7:30-7:45pm. Some, the older girls, are going to roost even earlier.

The other day I was in the car with Stuart driving whilst it was still getting light. I forget where we were going, but the views along Lake George (still dry btw) were great. I got hold of Stuart’s phone and…

Not the best in the world composition wise but they give the idea.