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Stuart’s Birthday Holiday, Part 2a

The night passed quietly and in the early hours it was cool enough to be using sleeping bags as sleeping bags (not as quilts).

Morning eventually dawned. My alarm had been set for 6am as usual but it was another 40 minutes before it was to be light enough to consider getting up. It was however a beautiful morning and as planned we got the early morning light to dry the condensation off the roof tent.

The plan had been to go to the thermal spring this morning, but it was too cold to consider that just then, and I wanted to follow what looked to be a much more interesting road than the map indicated. So we headed off to the right, the opposite way to the one we had planned and into the dead end, knowing that for whatever reason, the causeway was closed. Mind you it was still a single track dead end dirty road even if the causeway was open!

A causeway meant that there had to be a lake somewhere and eventually we were to find it.

We have finally found it. Isn’t the light so like Scotland? Mind you so is the scenery except that is higher than Ben Nevis, as was last night’s camp!

Another track and another glimpse… It’s blue sky now.

We followed the track as far as it went but we didn’t get that far sadly, so after Stuart had scent marked and claimed his patch, we headed back.

Somewhere there’s a causeway in the photo below… We’re not tempted to try it.

One of our final glimpses of the reservoir and we were to spot these.

Have you spotted them? Dead center. It was as far as my camera could zoom. I’ll add an enlarged picture for you.

We think they were pelicans which we hadn’t seen in the wild before now.

Finally it was time to disappear back to the caves, have a lazy lunch at one of the BBQ sites using the free gas BBQ to cook some tempeh for lunch before heading off to reception for a lift down to the thermal pools.

To be continued