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So what had happened since the kitten?

The afternoon after handing the kitten over to the vets was spent sightseeing.  Yes you tag it correctly, sightseeing.  We have decided that one a month Stuart is going to take a day off, or we use a bank holiday to go off and actually see something of Canberra and the surrounding area.  We had planned originally to go either to the zoo or the dinosaur museum, but with little time left after having lunch, an afternoon at either seemed wasted really, so with the weather being as good as it was, we decided to go up the Telstra Tower. This is the telecommunications tower in Canberra and should offer really good views of the city of the weather was clear. There is also a telecommunications museum (small) and a ‘what’s in the area?’ section as well.



After a good look around the museum we were to head back to the vegan restaurant to collect a cake. Not being able to attend my little sister’s wedding, I had decided to have a cake made for the celebration instead.  I had also managed to locate some Sophie and Sam candles as well!

IMG_5394 IMG_5404

Then it was time to head home with a heavy heart, neither of us saying what we were both thinking.

Saturday was to find us raiding the Canberra supermarket, IKEA,  yes more bits, and Bunnings yet again, before heading home via Bungendore Rural Supplies which is a well stocked, if slightly expensive, rural DIY, garden and live stock supplies store come warehouse on the outskirts of our closest ‘village’. Here is called a town! We needed a few bits relating to the chooks and the chook house repairs/outdoor run conversion. The afternoon was to be spent in the garden doing those repairs as war the following morning.  We were due to get 4 chickens (chooks) around midday, but at the 11th hour literally, we were to be let down sadly. Our chook lady could not come out at the last minute and had to postpone for a week.

It was a bitter disappointment; we had both needed the distraction after the kitten and not being able to attend Sophie’s wedding plus the chickens had been planned long before the kitten came along. Still there was more work to get done in the garden and the afternoon was filled with that.