Progress, of sorts

So today’s excitement is that I can now shower and wash the clothes if I should want to.  But it’s raining now and due to rain tomorrow, so the washing isn’t much use to me…  We don’t (yet?) have a tumble drier.  This is Australia after all, why would I need one?

So the progress is that no toilet paper or no. 2s can go down the main house’s waste system.  It’s grey water only because my outlet had been redirected to run straight down the hillside.  We are far enough from the creek and there is a good enough paddock to deal with it all before it meets the creek.

The more interesting news is that we also no longer have to dig a hole for no. 2s. If you remember I mentioned that there was the original building with a fully functioning toilet, only the sewage pipe was broken and the original septic tank had been filled in? Well, however filled it in left 1m unfilled and there is enough there for us to use.  So the broken sewage pipe had been fixed and we can use that toilet.  OK it’s in another building literally, there’s no toilet seat and it needs a clean, but all of that is fixable in the morning.

So progress of sorts. They are coming back tomorrow first to empty the septic tank, then to deal with it.  Dig it out, dig a deeper hole, create a proper ridge for rain water to be force to go around the septic tank hole and reseat, pardon the pun, the septic tank with new ground anchors.  I think it will probably take more than a day.  I’ll get a few pictures in the morning for you.

Progress.  It’s relative.