My Little Sister’s Wedding

My little sister’s wedding.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  They have come from either my mother or my brother.  Thank you.

My little sister and mother at the final fitting of her dress


Patrick in his kilt and the sporran we went to Pitlochry to obtain.


Our mum, Sheila just prior to the ceremony.


My 2 brothers, David and Tom, clearly impressed with the pink ties!


The older of my two brothers, David who skyped the entire ceremony for us to watch live. Thank you.
Mum, about to start her speech!


The Bride and Mother


A sample of the food served at the wedding


A sample of the food served at the wedding – desert, I presume


Cutting of the cake


One of the blankets knitted as presents for the bridesmaids. I had originally knitted a black and white one just like this, but my little sister rather liked it and claimed it before the wedding, so our mother ended up knitting another one!


One of the bridesmaids trying the blanket on for size.


Sophie and Sam, the bride and groom.




Sophie and Sam at the reception which we did not watch live due to the 11 hour time difference and it being the early hours of Monday morning for us.


Sophie and Same at the meal.


Sam, Mum, Sophie and one of the bridesmaids at the meal.