Christmas Update

Those of you who know us know just how busy Christmas week is for us what with a wedding anniversary and 2 family birthdays all squeezed in between Christmas day and New Year’s Day.

This year wasn’t much different.

Christmas Day saw a lazy day, full of surprises and a little cooking. I know cook a pavlova instead of a Christmas cake which I made that morning. I thought it had failed so turned the oven off and left it to itself. But it had other ideas and when I came to clear the oven out for Stuart to cook our meal (evening meal when it was cooler), I pulled a piece from it to nibble. It was lovely, soft and chewy just how we like it. And so it was back on the menu and all I had to do was remember how to make vegan whipped cream from 2 tins of frozen coconut cream.

The table and the Christmas table cloth, freshly made eggnog is mandatory (after all I need to use the egg yolks somehow.)

Stuart’s new placemat alongside his drinks mat
My new placemat. I really like the effect a table cloth has on the eggs!
Christmas Day evening meal. Included are sprouts cooked in the oven which was a new one on me.
The pavlova before cooking.
When the cooking time including an extra 2hrs was up, the pavlova was still soft to touch, so we forgot about it until it came to throwing it away when we tried it…
So I decorated it in situ.
Cream was added afterwards.

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