Christmas Update, Part 2

Boxing day (or St Stephen’s Day) saw us collection new chicks after an entire clutch failed. The eggs had come through the post but were damaged on arrival. One was broken and add it was to turn out the rest had taken a very bad shaking. We had 2 chooks sitting on these eggs and needed something for them, so we were off to explore a new patch of land and come home with me chicks to put under the chooks that night. The gentleman concerned (Rod) was an undercover police office and it wasn’t difficult to guess the field he worked in. We were to come home with 2 more chicks than expected. All of them are rare birds which is great. I had 3 different breeds and 9 chicks for 2 mums.

Stuart and one of the chicks


Our wedding anniversary was meant to have been at the beach, but issues overnight with one of the mums and her chicks left us putting it off by a couple of days. Those issues were to come back and haunt us later on, sadly.

The 28th was a day to celebrate nothing. It’s a none event day! And we spent it at home quietly trying to get bits done.