I thought that I would do a post on the butterflies I have slowly been identifying around our home.  I will also do one on the birds, and quite possibly the flowers as well.  Somewhere in between all of that will come what is going on with us and general updates etc….

So, so far I have identified the following butterflies in our garden, from yesterday’s post.

Australian Painted Lady (Vanessa kershawi)
Australian Painted Lady (Vanessa kershawi)
Yellow Admiral (Vanessa itea)
Yellow Admiral (Vanessa itea) (not my photo, I am working on that one!)

Well yesterday I finally managed to identify and get a photo of 3 more of the butterflies in our garden.  They are harder to photo, chase around or generally just get them to stay still long enough to get a camera lens to focus on something that small it is hardly worth the attempt!  But I have managed it with 2 of them and the 3rd I have identified at least… so here are some new ones for you… though you may need to play spot the butterfly with a couple of them! 😀

A very bedraggled and world weary Wood White Butterfly (Delias aganippe)
A very bedraggled and world weary Wood White Butterfly (Delias aganippe)


A very bedraggled and world weary Wood White Butterfly (Delias aganippe)
A very bedraggled and world weary Wood White Butterfly (Delias aganippe)

Another is the Meadow Argus which is quite pretty  if a touch difficult to actually photograph and as for when it lands on an exposed patch of ground… tracking it becomes almost impossible.

Meadow Argus Butterfly (Junonia villida)
Meadow Argus Butterfly (Junonia villida)

Finally I have found this butterfly which is tiny but prolific in our garden.  It can be no bigger than a thumbnail in size (when its wings are closed up), but makes up for it in their  numbers.  I’m working on what it is at the moment and will update this page when I know.

Yet to be identified
Yet to be identified but it is probably a Common Grass Blue Butterfly (Zizina labradus labradu)


2 thoughts on “Butterflies”

  1. Emma, Thank you so much for writing wholesome good sense. I had missed your blog for a couple of weeks, but with this morning’s political news, I needed something profoundly good to focus on. Your writing provided that! Keep writing.

    Cathy (The female half of Two Big Macs from CGOAB)

    1. Hi Cathy

      Wow, someone other than family is reading my blog! You have made me so happy. I often wonder if I am simply writing to myself! Thank you.
      Yep that news is about as good as the Brexit news really! What is going on with the world… Mind you some of what is happening here needs someone’s heads banging against a brick wall until they see daylight. It is so maddening!
      I am hoping to be able to get back out cycling soon. I have said that I want to have a cycle ride on our wedding anniversary (around Christmas) so that is a target to aim for. But I need to sort the brakes on the mountain bikes out, and decide if I am going with the trike or the yellow bikes for my rear wheel. It’s an either or with the expense of the Rohloff Hub and with a few changes to the axel mount, it can be either the trike or the tourer. But the trike is probably not the best for where we are (lack of traction on the rear wheel up the hills yet is much better for my back, but my back is much better anyhow…) we shall have to see and make a decision soon… perhaps that is another topic for me to consider on a post? Anyhow it is wonderful hearing from you. Guess it came as a surprise to find we had upped and left for Australia?

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