A work’s Christmas lunch

In the module of January we went out for Stuart’s work’s Christmas lunch. Instead of the usual ball in Melbourne where you had to pay your own transport and accommodation, this year it was left to each local office to have their own Christmas lunch and the organiser in Canberra (Stacy) proposed to have lunch on a cruise on Lake Burley Griffin.

So, a number of weekends into the New Year we found ourselves sitting at a table on the cruise boat MV Southern Cross on Lake Burley Griffin. It was a clear, blue sky day without a cloud to be seen and very hot. The ideal day to be avoiding doing anything.

Stuart was responsible for the photos that day due to ease of being on foot and being able to get outside much more easily than myself. The result is only a few photos and sadly I don’t have access to the group photo shot!

Canberra from a different view point.

An enjoyable day out was had by all.