The Garden

I’ve been watching the plants & trees in the garden over the last few weeks as they have slowly started to flower and come into leaf. We have a huge number of fruit trees and some well established roses. One of the roses in particular has my attention because the flowers start off yellow and quite quickly go scarlet red before going an even deeper red. The result has been that we have a rose bush that is multi coloured.

Elsewhere in the garden, there is a beautiful rose with a delightful scent that is covered in tiny yellow flowers.

The various, as of yet, mostly unidentified fruit trees had flowered and are now starting to form fruit. Most flowered before coming into leaf but one did the opposite.

At the bottom of the garden the red hot pokers flowered quietly, largely unnoticed.

One tree I think I have identified is an almond tree. Currently we have green almonds which are apparently considered to be a delicacy though I haven’t worked out why yet. Saving any from the cockatoos or rosellas which we hard work.

The lemon and fig trees are all doing well.


Finally, the lace hydrangea (?) is also flowering and the garden is pretending to be green for a few days at least!