Update on Hospital Stay

It’s hard right now.  I haven’t really had much chance to process what has been going on. 

I hadn’t been feeling great after Stuart went away, on the Sunday. So come the Monday I asked him home. He came home on the Tuesday but I wasn’t up to picking him up from the airport. He had to come home via taxi. 

He had made an appointment for both of us the next day. After that things got confusing. I went in in my wheelchair.  We both needed masks. Talking was almost impossible for me. Two words and that was it. 

From there it was our doctor wanting to check my oxygen I think. Next thing I know there’s an ambulance. I don’t recall the trip to Queanbeyan ICU. I recall something helping me breathe but not much. I was very quickly moved to Canberra ICU. 

I remember the first night in solitary ICU, until they had identified it wasn’t flu. Once it was known it was double pneumonia I got a cubicle of my own on a 4 Bay ward. 

2 thoughts on “Update on Hospital Stay”

  1. Thank you. I gather it was rather a close call.

    I’ve been told by my doctor that I was very, very ill when I was brought in.

    I’m doing a lot better now thankfully, but it had taken 12 days in ICU and who knows how long I’m going to be on a ward before I can go home. I’m still on oxygen sadly… Still coughing up loads of green gunk as well. I guess it’s going to take a while to recover.

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